More older poetry – dream girl redux…

Your presence surrounds me,
pictures and words.
Your voice penetrates me,
straight to my heart, my soul.
I feel your pains as my own,
Your happiness lifts me,
I die a bit inside when you cry,
as I turn to prayer for you.
My heart leaps with your contentment,
and longs to share it with you.
Your pains, treasures and joys lift me,
and I seek your presence.
Your voice satiates me.
nourishes me, refreshes me, emboldens me
I’m flawed, imperfect and not whole,
and we share those things, you and I.
So again until the next time we speak,
I’ll be waiting, wanting, tasting.
Until I revel again in your voice
And it fills me with you.
Fill me with you. All of you.

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