Clearing my head under the unclear skies…

Sometimes writing about a topic is hard, regardless of your passion for it. Right now is one of those times. I just, a week and a half ago, moved to the Riverside area – a place I’ve wanted to be for many years. It wasn’t an easy decision, and it will take some getting used to, but tonight made part of the reasons why I want to be here real.

When I was in suburbia, there aren’t breezes. There aren’t open spaces. There aren’t park benches – at least not like the park benches here. I live near 5 points in an apartment complex on the river, and tonight I left my apartment to walk to get my mail, needing some air. And boy did I get it! For whatever fantastic reasons, there is a blustering wind coming off the river on the perimeter of the property. The sky is half full of high slate gray clouds. The river is churning and occasionally spray from it laps over the wall beneath the railing. I sat on a bench near the rails and just listened to the rustling of the strong breeze through the palm trees and oak trees around the property. I closed my eyes and took in the sounds, and immediately noticed there were waves of temperate air, one warmer, one cooler. These waves flowed around me like a single rock in the ocean. I stood up, walked to the rail, and took in the sights. Across the river, I see patches of light from the Navy base. To my left is downtown and its bright lights, to my right is Riverside and inland more, Avondale. The railing vibrates from the wind briskly flowing through a hundred bars on either side of me. More spray gently and barely reaches me. I begin to smile because right there, right then is exactly what I want, where I want to be. The seemingly vastness of water ahead of me washes away the hustle and bustle of the week which now seems as distant as the stars that peak through the clouds.

Reluctantly, I leave to go get my mail, and back to my place to finish this paper I’m now ready to write. I’ve been given a reason to finish it, you see. And that reason still reverberates through my ears, even as I am inside now. It’s to be back in that place on the river, where time stands still in moments like these, where everything is right, until I eventually must retire.

And wish again for the breezes to return.


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