Fog has no power over me.

All at once today, there was the cold of the air. And the warmth of my down comforter. And the moisture of my bathroom post-shower. Sweet conversations and morning hugs and my gentle nudging to make sure we’re not late.

Then there was the chewy toasted cream cheese-topped Einstein’s bagel and last conversations and sorrow as I dropped Maddy off at school. Next came the traffic that envelops I-95 N at any hour of the morning. The madness of those rushing towards a deadline that likely does not require the rush. Movement all around me, ending in a circuitous route to where my vehicle stays the day. The ugly look from the guy that parks next to me because his giant SUV is hard to park in the small spot. The implication that I should have given him leeway to ease his challenge. I look down and find my vehicle’s left and right side equidistant from their closest line and smile at him.

Words texted from a good friend permeate this soup of negativity – streaming through like the first breaking of sun through a fog bank. Coffee helps lift this fog too as I walk to work. I enter the doors on the bottom floor and remind myself how fortunate I am to be at work, to have a job. To pay my bills and to be able to afford that bagel and coffee. Now the fog of negativity has fully lifted its veil on me and I keep reminding myself of the glory of all that surrounds me. I am alive. I have awesome friends. I have a daughter who makes every daily plight worth anything. These problems are all good problems to have.

This day is gorgeous, I’d say.


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